HTTP Mobile Deeplinks



I have been researching as much as possible on mobile deep-linking and reached out to Twitter Support, without any luck though.

I am trying to do something very simple I believe, I would like to have a “tweet @user” link or “follow” link in my email as a hyperlink.

When the users are on mobile they click the link and the native app is opened if installed on device.

I have seen that you can use the deep-linking methods but these are for actually embedding in the app itself and not to be used as standard urls.

Could someone just point me in the right direction.

Thank you


If I’m understanding you correctly, this stackoverflow answer should explain how to link into the twitter app for various uses:


Hey Nick

Thanks for replying. I did come across that answer as well on Stackoverflow, but it really relates to cross app linking instead of http deep linking.

That’s really what I’m after I think. a http link that opens the native app.

Something that is universal for both iOS and Android.

Is this possible?