HTTP Connection Timeout


Description of issue: I can’t seem to get the card validator to work with my website at all. I’m kinda at my wits end hered.

URL affected (must be public): (also occurs on http)

Troubleshooting steps attempted [note that we will not prioritise posts unless there is evidence of following the troubleshooting guides]: -Tested using iframely. Also confirmed that it renders on discord.
-attempted tweeting from a test account - card does not render
-Attempted switching between twitter and og meta tags
-Contacted webhost to confirm if traffic from twitter’s crawler was blocked (it isn’t – webhost states: “I can confirm we don’t block Twitter’s IP ranges.”)
-Tracerouted from server to Twitter - only one hop times out, but that’s not abnormal
-Checking the system’s firewall does not reveal anything blocked from twitter’s IP ranges.
-I’ve also checked to confirm that the site isn’t being bogged down during testing, and it does appear to be fairly responsive, and loads in a much shorter time than 7 seconds.

Weirder yet – another site on the server does work, but it is routed through Cloudflare. The site that isn’t working is not on Cloudflare, and not inclined to use it at the moment.


I’m still having issues with this, unfortunately.

Further information, as I am still stuck, and have followed the troubleshooting guides:
Running curl on several servers external to this one’s network still shows the twitter/opengraph headers

This was injected directly into the template of the CMS that I’m using. This isn’t a plugin.

Only specific directories are disallowed for Robots – I would assume I’d have a different error other than httptimeout.

My webhost is insisting that there is nothing on their network prohibiting the crawler – but if there is other proof, I would welcome seeing this. There also do not appear to be any serious routing issues at this point in time that would prohibit access.