does not work


after getting through the authentication problem…
…everything seems to be fine but the response (followers ids[]) is empty and the next_cursur=0

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
cache-control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate, pre-check=0, post-check=0
content-length: 96
content-type: application/json;charset=utf-8
date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 16:16:00 GMT
expires: Tue, 31 Mar 1981 05:00:00 GMT
last-modified: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 16:16:00 GMT
pragma: no-cache
server: tfe
set-cookie: lang=en
set-cookie: guest_id=v1%3A138314976090526302;; Path=/; Expires=Fri, 30-Oct-2015 16:16:00 UTC
status: 200 OK
x-access-level: read-write-directmessages
x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN
x-rate-limit-limit: 15
x-rate-limit-remaining: 14
x-rate-limit-reset: 1383150660
x-transaction: d1247e921aed75f9
x-xss-protection: 1; mode=block



Try making the request a little differently… specify cursor=-1 when you don’t have one, or don’t specify the parameter at all (by specifying it and not providing a value, it’s defaulting to 0 instead). Also, specify a screen_name or user_id.


thanks Taylor, it workedd!