HTTP 420 (Exceeded connection limit for user)


Hello, we have been developing and testing our application with the Streaming API and came across a 420 error after a few days of everything working fine.

Unfortunately, we didn’t initially implement the exponential back-off strategy and now we have been unable to reconnect to the API since 4/25. The back-off strategy and all Twitter best practices are in place now. However, have we already been blacklisted?

Is there a way that we can get reconnected?

The twitter account we are using is @webanalysisco.



We were able to fix this issue


How? Can you share your solution? I’m having the same problem and unfortunately I’ve realized it too late and I’m afraid I’ve been blacklisted too.

I’m using Tweepy library in Python.


We decided to change Twitter accounts and switch to a new server to give the bad connection a rest, and start fresh.

For us, this made sense because were already in the process of upgrading our machine. I am sure you will get the same result by just changing your server’s IP address and Twitter account. Then once it is up and running for awhile, try switching back to the originally Twitter account.

One more thing: I am not fimiliar with Tweepy since we are building a php application. But it was very important for us to find a php library that would help us work with Twitter’s API while following the best practices.


Thanks! I’ll try to implement a similar solution.