HTTP 302 Redirects for Images in Twitter Cards



I’ve implemented and tested (via the preview tool) Twitter Cards on my site. Many of my image URLs are actually HTTP 302 redirects to the actual image, but according to previewer output, that causes the Twitter Card crawler to fail. Here’s the output:

“Our fetcher fails to fetch image at URL . HTTP response code: 302.”

Is there a reason the crawler doesn’t follow redirects?

I’ve considered just leaving the images out of my Twitter Card implementation for now, but then it just picks up my Open Graph image tag, which also has the image with 302 redirect (and FB handles that fine).

Will Twitter Cards support following 302 redirects any time soon? Is there some way around this issue in the meantime? I’d rather not have to follow the redirects myself on the server since that could affect page response time.




I’m keen on this feature for Twitter as well. Any updates?