Html twitter feeds no longer working on my website? help



On our maIn page we had twitter feeds set up thru the twitter widget, and ha been working fine for a year, now all i get is “tweets by @bxxxxxxxxxxxx” in the box, I have tried to copy and paste the html code in as we had it before and nothing works, is there a fix ? I just use the website builder from godaddy, not wordpress savy yet, thanks , you can see tweet are on main page at lower rt of web page .


It looks like the embedded timeline is working fine, but it is just set to display with a very small visible height. If I mouseover the widget on your site, I can scroll up and down the feed, but not very much is visible. I had a look at your CSS but can’t see exactly what is wrong, unfortunately. I think your iFrame is sized incorrectly.


Have no idea, what you mean, I just generate the code from the widget on twitter, and copy and paste , like i said it was working great up untill about a month ago for both my feeds , now nothing …


This will be a side-effect of the new embedded timeline design. For some reason, the CSS is interacting badly with your site design. I imagine that whatever the GoDaddy site builder is doing does not work well with the new timeline widget.

Our official documentation on embedded timelines is here.


Your website builder sets a height of 100px on container, that’s why the widget is so tiny. Unfortunately this is not something Twitter controls so we can’t help you fix this. I would recommend you contact support (Godaddy?) with the information here.


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