HTML integration problem on my blog



I am asking for help because I don’t know anything in scripting and I was wondering if it was possible to edit a tweet widgets’ html integration LENGTH. I posted some timelines and tweets on my tumblr but they are too long and go under other posts (example on this page : ). Media and text cannot be shown entirely and it’s too bad :confused: any simple way to fix this ?

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I could not find any embedded widgets in the example page that you provided. I did see a screenshot of a tweet in one of the posts.
If you want to embed a tweet or timeline you need to use html editor when you create a text post on tumblr.

Here is an example of what a post would look like for a timeline embed:

To get the embed code for a specific tweet or timeline you can use


Customization options on can be used to make the timeline as tall as necessary.

Hope that helps!