HTML code in a tweet



Hi, I wanted to know on how to put an HTML code into a tweet similar to the vine app. What should I use on C# or iOS (using Fabric or other methods REST API?)


Tweets can’t contain any markup at all.


How does Vine App then use its custom look and feel and tweet on twitter, through its app?
Is there a similar way to do it? For instance I have my own look and feel on my app and then post it on twitter using a standardisation that would read the markup language or script etc from my site probably?


Can you show me an example of what you mean with “custom look and feel” related to Vine?


Yes, please check out the slideshow on Mashable link below:

You will see using Vine App, Vine makes a custom postcard type on Twitter.


Ah! Those are called Twitter Cards and you can find more information about the here.


But what if I wanted to add functionality like Twitter Polls? would cards work? So for instance Twitter polls have 2 responses, I want to add unlimited for instance and a different look and feel, you get what I mean?

Eg: I create an HTML poll and when I use the card to paste the HTML code, would it appear exactly?


No. There are just a few types of card that you can use - Summary, Summary Large image, App, or Player. None of these enable HTML functionality to be embedded.

Twitter polls are a native feature of the platform and cannot be modified. There’s currently no API support for creating or reading them, either.


Very few options to deal with, a lot of good cards have been deprecated and switched to Summary card with Large Image, anyway lets see if we can do something with it!

Andy is there a way I can privately communicate with you on this, there is an important concept and I want to know if Twitter would support it.


Thanks ePirat, information was helpful.


Thanks for the interest - I do not believe that we are currently investigating extending the existing cards formats, though. Within a Summary card you’ll continue to see a short textual summary with an optional (static, cached for 7 days) image. Player cards have always carried a stipulation that there should be no interactive content except for the video stream itself.

The best way to check in with us on Policy type questions would be via the platform support forms.