HTML Card metadata snippet not being parsed on specific domain


We are having trouble getting our twitter card meta data parsed with the validator. When curling the content with the twitterbot useragent a pre-rendered snippet with correct metadata is returned:

curl -A “Twitterbot/1.0”

however, the metadata is not getting parsed by the validator and just says “WARN: No metatags found”. We are absolutely sure that the prerendered snippet is being server for we can trace the call from the validator to our API. (we have a single page application and have to send out prerendered snippets for seo / metadata stuff)

If we place the snippet in an html file on any other domain (e.g. the validator parses it without problem. The same snippet on the domain does not render

Can you maybe help us out or tell us what is going on? It is almost as if the content from our specific domain is not being parsed at all.

Thank you for helping us out.


We have 100% the same problem here at Scell. And it drives us crazy (we also tried the metas on another server and … in this case it works, crazy.)

And we can’t find any clue :frowning:

Scenario: when a user publish a Scell through our iOS/Android App, he can shares a webpage with his network (where we want to use the Product Card), ex:

Thank you for helping us too.