How would you Tweet a deeplink for an app?



Hi Im trying to decide how best way to use twitter in my app that I’m designing. My app is a word game and I want to tweet sections of the word game with a deeplink so others can use deeplink to join game if they have app or go to app store if they do not have it. My question here is how is best method that I can do it - should I just include deeplink after the game text or perhaps it is better to add a picture so then I can add link to the picture and then the deeplink wouldn’t use characters from my character limit? I cant wait to play with everyone here - cheers!


Is it best to use tiny url for deeplink to include it within character limit or can I share more game text if url is attached to photo?


I was looking for something about deep links. We’re contemplating using universal links ( iOS) and sure we can just go ahead but it won’t work from tweets because twitter shortens app http/https urls which means a use who taps on a link is taken to first and then the target url through redirection. iOS blocks universal links by way of redirection. It seems it’s really a problem on behalf of twitter and their url shortener. Why don’t they just check the association file on our site to make lives easier for any app maker out there?


Makes sense as no tweets I’ve seen will take you to an app so I suppose I have to scratch the app linking feature. I suppose I can add a unique character string at end of tweet so user copies string and then navigates through app to paste string into entry field. It takes more time for user to complete the task and doesn’t look is pretty but still functions so I suppose I’ve figured this out - thanks!


You might be able to use a custom url scheme, and it would maybe work, but only for users who have your app installed. I also tried out FIrebase Dynamic Links today, it kind of works - the thing needed (which they do) is they put an intermediate page after the twitter link tap - on that page the real universal link is shown which can be used to open the app and deep link. There are a few steps to installing it all and creating each link, some of it can be automated, some can be done manually etc. Might not fit every use case. I think there are other similar services doing the sameish thing.


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