How we can get email address with user's detail using API


I am trying to get user’s profile information using following url:;

There is any way to get user’s email by this process.

Please help me !!!


We don’t supply email addresses on Twitter.



same problem…


I really do appreciate that you do not provide the user’s email address. But what’s the use of signing in with Twitter in order to comment on a blog post if you can’t subscribe to followup comments via email? Well, you can subscribe, but you won’t ever get an email.
The fake-email would be fine if Twitter forwarded the email to the real email address. I.e. I’m not interested in the real email-address, I just want to offer subscribing to comments not only for people who signed in with Facebook or their name and email address but also if they signed in with Twitter. Is there a workaround?


how can i get my email id in twitter apps


ya … me too got the same problem … need email id …using OAuth :frowning:


i really don’t appreciate that.Facebook is best in these


same problem(getting email address through twitter api) … anybody got answer please replay me…


Email isn’t publicly available so it wont be via the API


Please didnt use Twitter


Has this changed? Is there a way to get the email address after the user verifies?
I just implemented sign in with twitter only to realize I cannot get the email address , and since I already have a user database I may end up with duplicated entries.
I’m going to have to take down my sign in with twitter until then.


Is there any updated regarding above query. Twitter should be display email address as other do.


same proble here…i m stuck with twitter …others provide email address bt wht’s wrong with twitter???
They shud provide. Please help me fr above query if twitter updated it…


Seriously twitter dev team, wht’s wrong with u… This is Epic fail. Provide us email. Waste 2hrs of my time. No email-> no twitter login in our site.


Please provide email. Without email user can’t be registered on my site. Please


After two hours implementing ‘sign in with Twitter’ I am removing the link as there is no way it seems to extend the scope of the application request to include getting a users email address - without this login / signup with Twitter is USELESS - all the other OAuth solutions allow to extend scope to have email access authorized - what’s up with you guys?


Ok. OAuth is used basically for log in … and what is the point if they do not provide email … no Emai -> no log in … it just doesn’t make any sense.


Same. implementation ready.
for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google - all of them provide user-email.
But now I disapointed, and will remove login / register using Twitter.
Dear support, please allow developers to see users emails!
Because, many of sites(which I know) use email at least as user_id.


So, how can we match users if they try to log in using both Twitter and Facebook? If there is no email?


Learning crap documentation for hours and, finally, no email address.
Thanks, I’d decide to remove useless Twitter connect button.