How verify credentials


I’m starting to create a WP7 Application that must verify the user credentials…
How I can do it? there are an online documentation about this?
I’ve just seen GET account/verify_credentials (
but I not understand the method to send username and password…

thanks in advance


We use OAuth 1.0A on the Twitter API. Make sure you’ve read all about it here: [node:3240]. Typically, you won’t have users directly enter logins and passwords into your application but instead within a web browsing experience on and through a series of back-and-forth requests you’ll get an access token representing their consent and identity.


But why still have this meaningless API there?


To verify the authenticity and usability of an access token in your control and the identity of the user it belongs to, if you weren’t tracking that otherwise.


for new API 1.1 what should we use instead of that URI


Honestly, why are there no answers to this question? It’s a simple script yet nobody seems to have an idea of how to fix the OAuth update for api 1.1.