How user able to follow hundreds on crowdfire without getting locked



Hi All,
I have this question to twitter staff and other developers here ( @andypiper, @DanielCHood and other guys), I tried every possible way, non automated way to allow users on my application to follow other users,

  • I let them follow slowly (1 follow in 10 seconds)
  • l let them follow very slowly ( 1 follow in 30 seconds)
  • I let them follow fast ( 1 follow in .5 second)
  • I restricted them to follow only 200 followers day
    but every time users got locked after following 50 or so users. I done one experiment, Step 1 : I used my own account @saytorahul to follow from crowdfire and I am able to follow 500 users and that too very fast, in under 2 minutes and changes reflected in twitter immediately and I have’t got locked, I did it next day and follow 500 and again I have’t locked. Step 2: I use my application to follow 70 users and got locked.
    I tested it several times that on crowdfire I can follow as many user until I hit twitter limit ( e.g… like you cannot follow more than 1000 users a day or cannot follow more users if you already followed 5k users) and I can do continuously for weeks without any problem. please let me know whats happening, is it the discrimination in favour of big players!.



Hi @DanielCHood,

yesterday I followed 300 users from your application rewst and got locked, Its getting very difficult, I guess its the case with most of the applications



Hi @saytorahul - automated following is prohibited under our automation rules and can result in accounts being locked temporarily, as you have found.

If you believe that an app is violating our API policies then we appreciate you reporting it to us. There is information about how to do so in our support pages.

We cannot comment on individual and specific applications on public forums for privacy reasons.


You’re using a variety of platforms to bulk follow users, I’m not surprised your account is getting locked. Twitter uses machine learning to catch anomalies in patterns. You can’t go from no activity to following hundreds/thousands per day and not get locked.

While my platform allows and provides tools to follow a lot of users, we emphasize focus on targetting the right accounts to follow and also explain to our users why their accounts are likely to get locked if they dive in full speed ahead.

The general concept is to not be spammy.