How use acess token?



I am making a simple application in Delphi, just that I can not use accessory token, which parameters I have to use?

What do I do with the PIN?


OK, I got it returned to me as it is on site with

What I have to do now?


Once you’ve acquired the access token, you use it in very similar ways to how you obtained it.

That request you made to oauth/access_token where you used the oauth_token and oauth_token_secret you received from the oauth/request_token step? That’s how you make API calls. Only now oauth_token and oauth_token_secret come from the access token you received from oauth/access_token.

Here’s a simple call to try, assuming you’re using the access token credentials you got back, a current timestamp, and a resultant matching signature. Notice that no oauth_verifier is sent, as that parameter is only needed/used when obtaining the access token.

Check out [node:204] for more tips – including one I think you should leverage – use HTTP headers to send OAuth credentials instead of the query string.


I’m getting a new error
{“errors”:[{“message”:“Could not authenticate you”,“code”:32}]}


And how to do I just put the PIN once?


Ok, I got, is returning.
But when I try to access
{“errors”: [{“message”: “Bad Authentication data”, “code”: 215}]}


Great, glad you got to that point. So if this request is failing it’s likely due to the OAuth signature basestring not generating correctly – that screen_name parameter needs to be sorted with all the other parameters (including oauth_*) parameters.

Here’s a quick example of this same call successfully performed, using my own credentials:


Signature base string:

HTTP headers, including the Authorization header:
Accept: /
Connection: close
Authorization: OAuth oauth_nonce=“ftXkCQeMrj6AcKGI9xNJga5axY8eOGnbk6H2RNAvHtw”, oauth_signature_method=“HMAC-SHA1”, oauth_timestamp=“1374849497”, oauth_consumer_key=“5aA6oofBOFAwN4tfmEYWjg”, oauth_token=“119476949-oYGCs2M5duG5QalbOAK2YUZh8zG3ur7DPYo5qIFN”, oauth_signature=“7W4NaSOnNzak6c%2FBduD%2FV0sgOXs%3D”, oauth_version=“1.0”




@progr4mmer how did you solve the “Could not authenticate you” error ?


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