How updated automation/multiple accounts guidelines impact service websites



Hi, we operate a website that uses the Twitter API to allow users to post some suggested content to their account. I want to make sure that we don’t run afoul to the updated guidelines posted here.

Some more info about what we are doing:

  • We generate a suggested piece of content that the Twitter user can choose to insert in their post
  • They can edit the inserted content if they so choose
  • They are only posting from our website to their single account. While multiple people might post similar content, each user is only posting to one account (that they own/control).

Does our use of the API violate the new guidelines?


Hi @dha, we asked a similar question in February but were told that we would be in violation of the API terms for posting similar content to multiple accounts, even if each account was owned by a different person, and each person took an active step to share their content.

Here is the forum post where we asked the question:

Our software works almost exactly the same way as what was described above by bbzeven. Can you let me know if there is anything different in our software that would make it non-compliant with the new automation rules?