How to use Twitter OAuth for access API in ASP.Net?




I am using following code for verifying my credentials for accessing API. But I got the result = unknown.

OAuthTokens tokens = new OAuthTokens();

    tokens.ConsumerKey = "ttzgJAqp52eiDrW43o5qTDP5I";
    tokens.ConsumerSecret = "rKNxClA62hybgfZZkMUzhuo87idqAvgPhgE1mdxUs32NVYRzBL";
    tokens.AccessToken = "2676044521-9hmhqZ7ogGFchK9MYPCGoeUM90BYj2PyNZioixs";
    tokens.AccessTokenSecret = "U886UdZOH8u8Bleu6ZzZyRw4CAm8LAi43ksxaFB2W32PK";

    TwitterResponse<TwitterUser> twitterResponse = TwitterAccount.VerifyCredentials(tokens);


I don’t know much about ASP.NET - Can you use C# in your ASP.NET project? If so - I highly recommend

Also - You will have to reset your tokens and generate new ones - you shouldn’t post those anywhere public.