How to use the Gardenhose api in python3? Any example?



I am a new to the twitter developer and I am going to complete my web science course work. I need to learn how to use api to collect the tweets and analyse them. But it is hard to find good materials and codes for a beginner .
Could you give me some suggestions and examples, especially in py3?
Thanks in advanced.


It kinda depends on what endpoints you are looking to use.

Our documentation is definitely a good place to start:

And then we have some Twitter-supported libraries here:

And also some externally managed libraries listed here:

Let me know which endpoint you are planning to use and I can point you to a more specific library.


A bunch of tiny examples here:

In particular, to process a stream, there is this example


thank you very much
pretty useful and good examples for my course work.
Could you know how to find more useful knowledge or code for twitter api, for example if I want to collect geo-coded data for Beijing for the same time period?
Sorry, I tried to do that but useless.
Thank you in advanced


I recommend that you read through this tutorial, get to know our premium geo operators that can be used with the premium and enterprise APIs, and play around with the locations parameter for statuses/filter.


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