How to use the cursor to navigate the php data collections with stdClass object?


Could you help me? I’m obtaining my twitter followers from php oAuth, but I cant’ show more than 20 followers (I have over 500 followers). i am reading in the web and it says that use the cursoring, but i don’t know how to use it. could you help me?
(Sorry, but i don’t speak english very well)



I’m using tmhOAuth library to get my friend’s list.
Default number of responses returned is 20.
You could specify the count you want in the count parameter; I’ve set mine to 200.

$connection = new tmhOAuth(array( 'consumer_key' => $consumer_key, 'consumer_secret' => $consumer_secret, 'user_token' => $user_token, 'user_secret' => $user_secret ));

// Connection Request
$connection->request(‘GET’, $connection->url(‘1.1/friends/list.json’),
array(‘screen_name’ => ‘Oscar__Espinosa’,‘count’=>‘200’));

// Get the HTTP response code for the API request
$response_code = $connection->response[‘code’];

// Convert the JSON response into an array
$response_data = json_decode($connection->response[‘response’],true);

// A response code of 200 is a success
if ($response_code <> 200) {
print “Error: $response_code\n”;

// Display the response array