How to use retweeters api 1.1 with python


No one seems to be able to answer my question and I can not find it in the other posts. Using twitter’s api, I want to enter in a tweet id and return an array of all the users who retweeted that tweet.


input -> retweeters(tweet_id)

output -> [‘username1’,‘username2’,‘username3’,‘username4’]

I want to implement this: in python.

I do not need the tweet or the retweet, I need the usernames of the people who retweeted a particular tweet so therefore retweets_of_me would not be helpful here. If you help me out, I’d be very grateful. Thank you

this is what I have:

def reqs():
t = Twitter(auth=OAuth(’…’))
tweets = t.statuses.user_timeline.snl()
users = …
print users