How to use queries to customize twitter share button


I want to set “tweet to share” button in my website and customize it,
using JavaScript method “”.

But I wonder 2 things.
1, the query “lang” seems not to work.
2, Although I don’t use the query “related”, “following suggestion” occurs after tweet. ( I don’t want to suggest to follow! )

// Using jQuery
  option = "width=720,height=280,left=" + e.clientX + ",top=" + e.clientY;
  share_url = encodeURIComponent("http://SOME_DYNAMIC_URL");'' + share_url ,"",option);


If you want to control the opening of the window, you shouldn’t use the Tweet Button – you’ll need to use the tweet web intent instead (see [node:183]). The Tweet Button is meant to be used as-is Javascript-wise.


@episod Thank you so much!! I will try that, and report the result. It will go well, I guess. :slight_smile:

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