How to use API V 1.1 on my website?


I blog on Tumblr and I’m using API v1 currently to get all my recent tweets and post it on my blog.

With API v1 soon to be deprecated I need help to migrate to v1.1.

With API v1, I only to call for my tweets using this script:
script type=“text/javascript” src=“”/script

But now from what I understand, v1.1 needs all request to be authenticated.

Anybody cares to give me instruction on how to migrate to v1.1

I have already created an app and have no idea what should I input in these two fields,
Request URI:
Request query:

And I have no idea what to do next, with the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret.

I have only knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Thanks!


Check out [node:10248] instead for a HTML, CSS, and Javascript approach to embedded tweets on your site; other options take an significant amount of server-side work to accomplish.


But embedded timelines does provide easy customisation.
The aesthetics of embedded timeline does not goes with my blog.

Although an hassle due to the significant amount of server-side work to accomplish, I still want to write my own twitter widget.

Not only it looks good, it would increase the value of my blog.

That is if anybody cares to help. Thanks! :smiley:



My Widget works on Web, but it crashes on Phonegap for iPad (it’s weird, because it works on Android).

Here is a sample of a embed page with Timelime

The URL is

(I’m using the page of @mbierm, thanks for provide the sample of a timeline widget)



Hi Jaimoto.
Thank you for showing your example.
Could you explain the steps to run API V.1.1?
From Argentina.!!!