How to Upload the videos in Android




I have an app (Android and iOS), which lets the user upload the images on Twitter. Now i want to extend the functionality to videos as well.

REST api seems like works only for web apps and not for Android / iOS.

Do anyone knows how we can upload the videos on Twitter in Android / iOS?


You can use (for example) the TwitterAPIClient in Fabric to access the Twitter REST API in your mobile apps - or use any other REST client to hit the REST methods of the API. That’s currently the only way you’d be able to do this in an Android app.


Thanks Andy

But as i understand - TwitterAPIClient does not allow to upload the videos on Android & iOS.

Is it possible that an android app can upload videos on twitter?

PS: I am yet to see this functionality in native twitter app


we have same problem in android pls tel me it is posible? widhout using febric…


It is possible with or without Fabric. You can use a library like Twitter4J (for example) to hit the media/upload endpoint, per the documentation. Or, you could use TwitterAPIClient from Fabric’s Twitter Kit to do the same thing. I don’t have example code to share, but that documentation describes the general process for uploading media that applies for all API libraries.