How to upgrade twitter ads account?


Hi everyone! We got accepted to start working with the ads api, moths ago, now that we finished our development, I can’t get in touch with the account managers that contacted me in the first place. I applied for access again. Does anyone know or have any contact, mail or something for me to contact twitter in order to get the app in production?



Can you post your app ID here so that the team can get in touch with you? There is a backlog of requests but you have been waiting for a couple weeks or more we can try to get attention about it.



Hi John, many thanks.

We have been waiting for more than a couple of weeks, I tried to contact two people who were in touch when applying and had no reply. I even contacted our gnip account manager for help and she gave us another contact, which didn’t answer either.

Our app id is 6641845

many thanks again


Hi there

Allow me to contact you on behalf of the team. Sorry to keep you waiting.

I wanted to ask you one thing, but I see that you applied for our API program for Read only access. Is your tool mainly for reporting? or are you planning to do campaign management as well?

Since I’m based in APAC, the time difference is difficult to arrange either way, so I will reach out to my team in a different region to sched a time with you.

Thank you,



Yes, our tool is for reporting only, we are not planning on doing campaign managment.

We have the functionality ready and would like to make it available to all our clients as soon as possible.



Hi any news on this matter??


Hi there. SInce you are requesting for read only access, we have increased the number of tokens, and you are good to go now. Thanks.


Hi OKJ! thanks!!!

This read only access is enough to get all insights? or we need to apply for another access?

How many tokens do we have available? We have 100+ clients


For the analytics, Read only is enough to gain what you need. In the future, if you start considering to build a campaign management tool, you will need a Write access for that.

We provided 100 tokens for you. in short > long term, how big are you considering to expand your business?



Hi OKJ, we expect to grow 50% this year. Not all our clients use twitter as data source, but we want to be covered.

Is there any mail for account management/support we can use for any urgent problem?

Is there any place we can check available tokens and usage or similar?

many thanks


The current max token given to you is 100. This forum would be the best to gain support. We don’t have a place for developers to keep track of the token usage, so you will need to keep track on your side.

Thanks, and let us know if you have anything else.