How to undo revoke access of twitter application the next day


Arrrgh! I revoked access to an app and now I want to reinstate it but I can’t find how. I’ve reset the keys and changed and changed back the access levels but still keep getting this message

Woah there!

This page is no longer valid. It looks like someone already used the token information you provided. Please return to the site that sent you to this page and try again … it was probably an honest mistake.

Not sure what other info to provide, PLEASE HELP!!!


You can’t undo the revocation of access, you can only re-negotiate it. The strings used in access tokens are dependent on a particular instance of access – they do not represent the boolean fact of access.

Verify that you’re using the correct keys in the application. Completely go through the OAuth process again for the user account you need to grant access for and store the resultant tokens. If you used the my access token feature to obtain the token originally, use the recreate my access token feature and use the access token results (but be sure and give some time for the access token strings to update on the page…)


Thanks, I think i get it :slight_smile:


Hey @episod, Thanks for your help. I had hoped I wouldn’t need to bug anyone further but actually no I don’t get it! I’ve tried clicking on create access access token and actually my page stll says

Your access token

It looks like you haven’t authorized this application for your own Twitter account yet. For your convenience, we give you the opportunity to create your OAuth access token here, so you can start signing your requests right away. The access token generated will reflect your application’s current permission level.

I click Create Access Token and it says it has done so but then nothing really changes. I feel so lost! Is it something I should be asking the friendly people at Simple Twitter Connect about? Thanks again for your help!


Simply delete then reinstall the app & ur problem is solved! :slight_smile:


i revoked ubersocial for blackberry now i cant connect how do i undo that ??


Downloaed the apps firsf but,


just sign out from Twitter, it will be solved.
Note that there is no sign out in twitter, so sign out from ur settings in the iphone…


I. am seriously getting fed up of twitter. I tried selecting the option to get account no joy plr


I revoked my twitter account from posting my tweets to facebook bt av try to reinstate nothng is working how do I go about it?


Ok, so I’ve mistakenly revoked Facebook from my twitter, and I can’t find how to undo it now. I use twitter on browser, not on phone… anyone can help?!



Even i revoked facebook app how to undo??? help plz!!! treid reinstalling also. using in browser


Come on guys, I revoked access to tweetdeck but want to “re revoke” this. please tell me how to do this!


yeah I don’t know how to do it eaither… do you know noww??


me too, please help TT


Often times, it may just work if you go back to where you first got the app from and just ‘re-link’ it to twitter again. You may just have to sign-in again to Twitter, but that should be all !


Simply sign out. Then sign in afresh.


how do you undo revoke (internet app)…i have tried going back onto the website…


I revoke mobile twitter because I was logged in on somebody phone and now I can’t get on mobile twitter at all . Or with the app or anything … How do I undo revoke all of those apps … Of I deactivate my account then activate it back would it all change back ?