How to track URL's using Twitter API?



I want to track all the tweets posted with any given URLs in twitter.
For example: If I input a URL keyword - ; It should gather all the tweets/retweets posted in twitter with that specific URL key.
Expected match case :,,, Example URL , etc.

I have checked the possibilities with search and steaming APIs.
Search API returned only very limited set of results,as said in its documentation.
Hence I tried streaming API,since it was suggested for gathering the whole set of real time tweets.
From the Streaming API documentations, I found using space instead of dot with URL keywords could gather all tweets.

Hence request parameter ‘example com’ should match against the following set of keywords in tweets,
I hope my startup isn’t merely another example of a dot com boom!

But when I tried posting tweets with these URLs (and setting keyword as said above) , the streamer wasn’t capturing the data.

I can understand twitter isn’t directly accepting URL as different type of keyword, but is their any working method to capture all the real time tweets?


I haven’t tested the specific example you describe here, but the Streaming API provides access to up to 1% of the full volume of Tweets, so there’s a chance that your test Tweets simply are not being caught in that 1% sample (depending how popular your search term is).


Thanks for the quick reply. But I would like to know,if there is any possible method to capture the tweets?

Also as Twitter announced that in November, they would discontinue the Tweet share count API endpoint. .I couldn’t even figure an option to get tweet counts for a given URL.

Reagarding streaming API, documentation says,: Before getting involved, it’s important to know that the Search API is focused on relevance and not completeness. This means that some Tweets and users may be missing from search results. If you want to match for completeness you should consider using a Streaming API instead.
So streaming API also doesn’t returns the whole set of tweets??


(for clarity and completeness, we announced that change in September - and that endpoint was not a supported endpoint for third party access - there is no direct replacement at this time)

The Streaming API would return all of the Tweets if the subset of your filter is less than 1% of the total firehose (which is generally very likely). Again, I haven’t tested the specific example you’ve described, so I can’t tell exactly why the test Tweet you are sending is not showing up in your filter.


Could you please clarify on the 1% that you are suggesting ?
When I test normal #hashatg tweets,all are captured (I haven’t experience any issues yet).but issues are with URL keywords .


I don’t know if it can be stated much clearer than what @andypiper already said:

The Streaming API would return all of the Tweets if the subset of your filter is less than 1% of the total firehose (which is generally very likely).

If you are concerned about not getting data you can track limit warning messages.