How to track 100+ accounts at same time?


Hello, i`d like to see all the tweets from hundreds of accounts. Should i request a single account per request? Or can i create some account that follows all accounts i need and request all this timeline in single request?

Is it free type of request or should i pay?
Please point me a entry point for this request.

Thank you in advance


(moving to Developer Teatime as this is nothing to do with Twitter Kit)

One option might be to add the accounts to a list, and then request the list timeline.

However, you said “all the Tweets” - what do you mean by this? All the current Tweets? All the historical Tweets? All the Tweets in realtime as they are posted?


Thank you for reply.
Best way - get noticed as tweet is published.
But also ok for me, to request some API entry point for new tweets. But i suppose requesting 100 accounst every 5 minutes is not free option. I mean as far as i know, it`s too much requests for free plan.
So is there any way to track 100+ accounts in real time for free?


You may follow up to 5000 user IDs in realtime via the standard streaming API. - use the follow parameter.


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