How to terminate a card?



I’ve made a twitter card test,… worked,… great.
For some reason, it claims that my user keeps clicking on it (while I believe this is not the case).
I don’t know how to stop it, and it already charged 50$ just from what it says was my own clicks.

  1. How do I terminate it ?
  2. Is there any way to verify what happens here ? Why or what clicks it, as to the best of my knowledge it is not me…
  3. Is there a way to refund such cases ?

Appreciate your help.


The only type of card interactions that involve cost are those that are part of a Twitter Ads campaign (i.e. promoted tweet campaign). All the analytics around those interactions should be available in the UI. If you are seeing spend or want to stop spend, you can handle that in the Ads UI. For example, end/pause a campaign. If you’re unsure about ads related issues feel free to use the “Help?” link from the UI to contact the team there.

More information about cards specific to Twitter Ads can be found here:

As for “terminating” a card, we don’t offer a delete option today, but you could stop the campaigns you have running that are using the card and then delete the tweets that involve that card to completely remove it. That applies to lead generation and website cards.