How to target Tailored Audience Lookalikes


Hey Guys!

I’m trying to target a tailored audience lookalike but I am not seeing how to accomplish this in the docs.

Is it as easy as setting tailored_audience_expansion to true? Or is it a different type of targeting type?



hey guys,

can you link me to the docs for creating a tailored audience lookalike?

I don’t see anything in the docs ( on how to create them except for this line:

Please note that you cannot exclude lookalike tailored audiences from targeting. Additionally, you cannot target both a tailored audience and a tailored audience lookalike on the same ad line item (ad group).


@sealabcore for more information about targeting types and their corresponding values, you should take a look at our targeting documentation. To target lookalikes for your tailored audience you just need to enable TA expansion.

In short, the basic flow is as follows:

  1. Create your TA list and wait for processing to finish.
  2. Call GET /targeting_criteria/tailored_audiences to get the targeting value for the new audience.
  3. Call POST /targeting_criteria to target a specific line item with your new audience.

When you call POST /targeting_criteria you’ll need to provide an eligible line item and use the targeting_type=TAILORED_AUDIENCE and the targeting_value you pulled for your audience in the second step above. To enable tailored audience expansion (lookalikes) you’ll also need to set tailored_audience_expansion=true.

There’s also a general FAQ for tailored audiences available here.