How to submit our app to twitter for revision


Hi @episod,

we have an app called OctopuSocial (under the account @autotuits), this app (now suspended and waiting for reactivation) that fetches once a day content from Twitter (tweets, mentions, friends and followers ids) in order to present a stunning stats for the user to let them monitor their business presence / impact / influence on Twitter and also lets users to schedule Tweets and DMs for ad campaigns and other uses, ALL this complying with Twitter Automation Rules and previously each user authorizes our app to to the actions described above, we DO NOT follow, unfollow, tweet or other actions WITHOUT user’s consent, in fact follow / unfollow operations are done manually by each user by clicks in our app’s website and all scheduled content are scheduled by themselves (of course we restrict the amount and frequency they can schedule to comply with automation rules)

My question is, how can we (developers) can submit our apps to in order for them to review it and tell us what to fix if needed to comply with the rules? I think this will prevent our business to fall apart when Twitter suspend our app, accounts or block our IPs without giving any reasons and having us waiting for days before responding out tickets, is there a way you (Twitter) can review our apps and “audit” it?

Another question is, as explained above we, once a day we collect authorized users data from Twitter, we do not store it, we only analyze it and save the results to show historic charts, is against the Twitter rules to collect data from Twitter in this way? as far as I know it is permitted (obviously we comply with rate limits and protect ourselves by codding to wait the 15 minutes reset windows), can we have different servers using the same app to do this tasks? i mean on server collect the data, another handles the scheduled content posting and so on?

I appreciate the time you take to read this, I hope an answer soon



Hi @camburon, If your application has been suspended please contact our Platform Operations team by selecting the second radio button at and a member of our team will respond as soon as possible.


Hi @aaronhoff,

yes it was but Twitter lifted the suspension, thanks by the way, but the questios raised before are the same, could you please help me understand if there is a way to get your app “auditted” by Twitter? our businesses rely on twitter stats and automation, we comply with all rules and we instruct our customers to do so, when we suffer any suspension or blockage our entire business falls apart.

As I said in previous post, we collect daily information about our customers timeline as well as mentions timeline, we do no store it we only analize it and store results, also we do that task from diferent servers in order to balance loads, is that permitted? We are Venezuela 1st Social Network application!

In this suspension we just suffered we encounter some erros codes (new ones) we did have take actions for eg: 223 185/188, we have coded our app stronger to alert ur when this errors occured the first time in order for us to take rapid actions and talk with our out-of-law customer.

The goal for us now is to now if those actions we make are permitted by Twitter even though we comply with rules (or we think so)

I appreciatte your time a lot!


Hi @camburon, I don’t any applications registered under the user account you’ve written in with but if you create a ticket while logged into the account your app is registered to (using a member of our Platform Operations team would be happy to verify the compliance of your app and discuss your previous suspension.


I did not realized I posted this inquiry from another account instead the one we have OctopuSocial app registered on, I have opened a new post with a mention to you and this conversation with the actual account