How to stop streaming



I’m developing an iOS application using the twitter streaming with OAuth. Users can make as many requests as they want, but after starting one streaming (making connection with, if the user wants to start a new one, with other tracking words, I receive both streamings at the same time.

How can I stop the first streaming to start the new one?

Thank you very much in advance!!!

Any answer will be appreciated.


I have exactly the very same problem. I need to stop a current streaming to begin a new one.
Anybody can help me?



Same problem here, any help?


How are each of you opening the initial connection? Are you using any 3rd party network libraries?


Hi!! Thank you for the answer!

I’m using OAuth for iOS. For each request of streaming I’m executing this request:
So when I want to start new streaming, I execute the same request but changing the track filters. Doing this I get 2 different streamings at the same time, not a good thing…

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I do the same that @antonialorem: OAuth for iOS.

Thanks Sean (and Antonia)


Hi Sean:

Tt seems to work properly when the hashtag is popular. For example, if I look for “BonJovi” the streaming doesn’t stop. But when the hashtag is not that famous, it stops.

The Streaming Works When the Query is with a very Popular Hashtag.

Does it help?


Hi Javier

Actually the streaming doesn’t stop, Its just that running code does not receive any tweets since there are not people tweeting about the keyword.
I wonder if there is any way to gracefully close the streaming connection and open a new one. I am doing sentiment analysis of tweets and I run my python code from command line. I could not find a way to stop my code other than to break it abruptly (CTRL+c) which is not a good thing.

Hi Sean,
I am using tweepy(python library) to open a new connection to streaming API
stream.filter(track=[sys.argv[1]], encoding=‘utf-8’)
like so


Hi Guys,

I know this is an old topic but just wanted to bring it to your attention or i am not sure that someone connected to this topic have resolved this issue or not :smile:

I have been working with Twitter Streaming API and I wanted to close the stream so that new track value can be given. I have been working in C# and ASP.NET MVC Angular project.

I have achieved this by run the stream in a separate thread in c#. and when i want to close the stream I am just setting the value of local variable to false. So when running stream encounters that variable it is stopping the stream.




I was facing this problem too. What eventually worked for me was stream.stop().

.destroy(), .disconnect() etc brought up a variety of errors such as .destroy is not defined.