How to Stop My Twitter Advertising Campaign


I tried Twitter Advertising. It didn’t do much and now I want my credit card out of their system. Has anyone ever accomplished it?

There is no obvious way, of course, to just take down your Twitter Advertising account. I want to keep my Twitter account, but want to get out of their advertising loop and don’t want to accidentally be charged. I never plan to use it again as it had no value. I gave them my credit card but since I’m done with the service, I think it’s only fair that they should let me delete my cc details.


Did you ever figure this out? I’m trying to do the same. I don’t know why it is so difficult to figure out how to delete a campaign and to remove the CC on the account.


I’m also having this problem. I can’t find an account management system (one that offers “cancel account” or, even, “contact us” about billing anywhere). Frustrating, as usual, with these things. Plus, the service is way overpriced; I can get more followers by just engaging a bit more for free. A rip off.


I think I find it:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Budget and Bid”
  3. Select “Stop Promoting my Tweets” and “Stop Promoting my Account”

Hope this works. Still don’t see “Cancel my Promoted Tweets” service…


Turns out you just need to have the card canceled. It’s officially the only way to have it removed from Twitter


This is quite simple.

  1. Go to Creatives and choose tweets.
  2. Pick promoted only tweets.
  3. Now under each tweet you will see something written like this 'promoted in 1 campaign.
  4. Just click on this and a pop up will open up. You can pick the campaign to remove the ad from the campaign.

Hope that works. To turn of campaigns, just select the status and save it to pause.