How to start with twitter ads api only with an Application ID



Our twitter guy said that I can be able to develop for twitter without having live data. They can reconfigure anything that I have setup to use with only app ID.

On this post Oauth for advertiser api it stated I should have an OAuth access token for this to start. I have an application with its oauth tokens already but its not yet authorize.

My question is this, is there any way to get an oauth tokens using only an application ID from another account(twitter ads api account)?

I understand this I just want to make sure. Cause so far I haven’t found any links that will help me get oauth tokens with only an application ID. Or is it even possible?

Please help.


Hey there!

If you don’t yet have access to the Ads API, then you’ll need to wait until - and if - you are granted access. There is nothing else you can do at this point.

Once you have access to the Ads API, have a look at our docs starting from this overview - there are plenty of things there to read.

It’s also worth having a look at our FAQs, especially the ones listed under Basics/General. If you are coding in Python or Ruby, we’ve got you covered with officially supported SDKs!

I hope this information is helpful - I am not sure exactly what your situation is with regards to the Ads API, so I tried to cover all scenarios. In any case, I believe you should be able to find all the information you are looking for in the provided links :slightly_smiling: