How To Split Impressions Between Network and Marketplace?


I’m struggling to find a way to split impressions between a Network and the MoPub Marketplace. Ideally I want to split traffic to 50/50 on a particular ad unit.

But it looks like the marketplace will always trump a network in terms of priority/waterfall.

I then tried a less ideal scenario, setting up a segment and then allocating a certain number of impressions to it (guessing what would be 50% based on previous data). However, I set the segment up to be only a particular network and particular network - but it’s not appearing?

Does anyone know how to resolve this???


Hey Brian,

To set this up in different priorities:

To split impressions between a network and Marketplace, you can create a Network line item (or Marketplace line item if vice versa) at a higher priority and have Marketplace at the lower priority or vice versa, depending on which ad source you want at the higher priority. You then set the allocation percentage at 50% for the higher priority line item.

As an example, we have a network at P11 with 50% allocation and default Marketplace at P12.

The waterfall would be as follows.

  1. Network has 50% chance to fill at P11
  2. If it does not fill or does not hit the 50% where it does fill, it falls to Marketplace at P12 which has the chance to fill.

You can also use the default networks set up in the segments instead of line items as well to set allocation. This is done in the segment.

To set this up within one priority:

To split impressions between a network and Marketplace in one priority level, you would have to have one network at a much higher ecpm than the other. This could be a network with a high ecpm set at 50% allocation. If it doesn’t serve it would fall to Marketplace similar to how it does in multiple priority levels. The difference here is that if Marketplace can beat that high set ecpm, it will serve instead.

What you choose to do depends on how you have your other ad sources set up and the specific behavior you are trying to achieve.

Let me know if you have any questions.




I removed the “Run Network Automatically” in the network settings but I’m still not able to figure out how to add a network to a line item? From what I see I can only use my own assets to create an ad. How can I attach a network to a LI?


Hey Brian,

You can create an Order and Line Item (selecting network as the line item type) and enter the appropriate network details.

To do this, follow the documentation below to set up a Order and Line item and also add a creative to the line item.

Let us know if you have any questions here.