How to skip auth screen while using twitter api (fabric) in android?



i use fabric platform to compose tweet simplify and show user timeline
exc. i took consumer key and consumer secret. Then, i followed by reading
fabric documentation but i am stuck now. when i composed each tweet, it
was displayed auth screen (authorize an app). How can i skip auth screen
automatically or another way ? Because i control with voice my buttons
and edittexts for the handicapped in my app. Therefore, i cannot control
auth screen without touching (with voice) in my app. Please help me.
Thanks in advance.


Sorry but one cannot post Tweets without a valid Twitter user account.


Allright, thanks.
Well than, should i use Twitter REST API or twitter4j library instead Fabric Twitter in this situation ?


Twitter REST API or twitter4j library aren’t going to provide a valid user session without user input. Note: we expose all the REST APIs in TwitterCore. Starting the Twitter Composer should launch the Twitter application or Twitter mobile web site. If the user is already logged in no further authentication should be required.


Thanks a lot for informing