How to: simple text+image for cUrl "plain vanilla


Hello everyone!
This is my first post. I am a beginner and ask you a hint. I’ve looked everywhere and I have never found an answer.

I would like with cUrl send a simple text with a picture on Twitter.

The only solution (at least I think) I’ve found is this, but it is with the old API!

Thanks for your time!



Hi there! excited that you are interested in working with the Twitter API, welcome to our community!

The example you found is several years old, and unfortunately it is not as simple to do this any more. As the Twitter API has evolved, we have added the ability to upload video, GIFs etc so the path for posting images with Tweets now has two major steps:

  • upload media
  • post Tweet, with the media attached.

This means it is not possible to do this in a single line of cURL commands.

We have a Twitter-oriented tool, similar to cURL, which is called twurl - this may be a better tool for doing this.


Thank you so much for your reply!
I looked for information on twurl and I would start working to make experiments.
The problem is that I work with Windows 7 and I think twurl it’s not compatible.
Is there a way to install twurl on Windows?
Thanks for your time and sorry for my inexperience. But I’d love to become better!
Thanks again


You’d need to install Ruby, and then install twurl.

This is a little complicated if you’re not too familiar with coding etc, sorry about that!


Thanks Andy!
I’m trying to study how to install Ruby and then twurl. But like you said is very difficult for me. The only thing I know to program a bit, is LiveCode.
I will try to do some experiments and then ask for some other help.:wink:
Thanks again!