How to show quoted tweets in widget



Hi! I have a website that I’ve embedded a search widget that searches for a hashtag as well as tweets from a list of authorized usernames; I’m doing this in order to not get junk on our site from anyone, and also because I only want relevant tweets to show up and not every tweet from those users.

It seems like this works all fine and dandy, but recently we noticed that if they reply to a tweet by quoting it or retweeting it, the tweet doesn’t show up with the original quoted tweet.

I’ve attached two screenshots; one with the search results within Twitter, and one with the Widget configuration with the same query but different UI.

Anything I can do in the widget html to modify it to make it look the same?

Twitter Embedded Timelines/Lists not showing "Quoted Tweets"

Unfortunately our widgets don’t support rendering quoted Tweets yet. However, the Tweets in the widget today do have a link to the quoted Tweet so your users can still read the quoted Tweet by clicking on it.


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