How to show card in twitter time line


The card validator shows that card is working. How do i connect it with a button. Do i prepare some more then only the metatags?


If you just post your URL in a Tweet, the card will render in the Twitter mobile and web clients. There’s no need for a button.


Everything is validated. but tweet shows up as a link only… I deleted the tweet because it was boring like that. What to do? The preview does not show the video either… This is the URL for the 9 sec clip…


I’m having the same problem, wondering if there is a setting I’m not aware of? I tested this link

in the card validator and everything looked ok but is not showing the card in twitter:

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 28 metatags were found
INFO: twitter:card = summary tag found
INFO: Card loaded successfully


when I visit the page you posted a link to, I see a 404 error?


Hi Andy: Thanks for your response. My appologies, I changed the permalinks on my site and deleted the old post.

Same problem is still happening, I just posted another tweet that looks ok with the validator, but the card is not showing.

Here is the link:


Just checked by Tweeting that link from my test account, and I get a summary card.


Is there something I need to do on my end? Because I tried another link and no summary card…or is it my account?


Nothing needed - this is working fine. Here’s what your account looks like in our mobile app, with the cards showing in the timeline.

On the web, you can see a “view summary” link which takes you to the full card.


Hi, Sorry for crashing although in similar area . i.e. cards not displaying but can someone please have a go at answering this. All we are looking for is for our video cards to appear ‘truly’ inline (on the feed )as others seem to do & is what is kind advertised or at leat get an explanation how getting the status that allows this works. As mentioned slsewhere this question totally covers it and has been gathering dust on boards since March. I know you guys are busy but please help. We really want to drive our users to share on and get the mist out of Twitter. Anyway her’s post. Thanks\s in advance.


Oh, ok. I don’t see that at all, or the “vew summary” so I thought it was odd. Thanks for your help!