How to setup the MoPub adapter for the Chartboost rewarded video?


I’m trying to load the rewarded video with MoPub mediation in the IOS game. I followed this guide on official github wiki. But I can’t to bind MoPub with the Chartboost, I get the message in the logs:

“MOPUB: Rewarded video ad is fetching ad network type: clear”.

I got this info in the tutorial:

“Mediation settings enable you to pass in third-party network specific settings and can be provided as additional parameters during the rewarded video initialization call. For Vungle, Unity and Chartboost mediation, this is the only mechanism by which a user-Id or custom-Id can be specified in networks’ server-side callbacks.”

But I can’t find how to setup this settings, what should I write in the initializeRewardedVideoWithGlobalMediationSettings: property. I found settings example

/* ChartboostMediationSettings */
        new ChartboostMediationSettings(“CB_CUSTOM_ID”),

in the Android tutorial section. But there’s no settings in the IOS tutorial section. I tried to set Chartboost ID in initializeRewardedVideoWithGlobalMediationSettings:, but with no results.
Also I asked the question on the StackOverflow, but I can’t receive the right answer.

Please tell me, how to define the mediation settings for the Chartboost rewarded video.

Thank you for the response.


Where you ever able to make this work??? I´m running into the same issues!