How to setup the MoPub adapter for the Chartboost rewarded video?


I’m trying to load the rewarded video with MoPub mediation in the IOS game. I followed this guide on official github wiki. But I can’t to bind MoPub with the Chartboost, I get the message in the logs: “MOPUB: Rewarded video ad is fetching ad network type: clear”. I got this info in your tutorial:

“Mediation settings enable you to pass in third-party network specific settings and can be provided as additional parameters during the rewarded video initialization call. For Vungle, Unity and Chartboost mediation, this is the only mechanism by which a user-Id or custom-Id can be specified in networks’ server-side callbacks.”

But I can’t find how to setup this settings, what should I write in the initializeRewardedVideoWithGlobalMediationSettings: property. I found settings example

/* ChartboostMediationSettings */
        new ChartboostMediationSettings(“CB_CUSTOM_ID”),

in the Android tutorial section. But there’s no settings in the IOS tutorial section. I tried to set Chartboost ID in initializeRewardedVideoWithGlobalMediationSettings:, but with no results.
Also I asked the question on the StackOverflow, but I can’t receive the right answer.

Please tell me, how to define the mediation settings for the Chartboost rewarded video.

Thank you for the response.


Hi @VassyaPupkin,

I think you’re in the wrong Forum! :stuck_out_tongue:


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