How to Setup App Card on Profile Page


I have noticed that various twitter accounts, like @vine, have an app card as part of the profile page on mobile apps, allowing the user to install or open the application. I haven’t found any documentation stating how you can add an app card to your profile page. Does anyone know how to do this?

How to Setup App Card on Profile Page
How to Setup App Card

That’s part of our limited App Spotlight beta we announced at Flight in October.

It isn’t generally available at this time, but if you are a Twitter advertiser and have an account manager, our team may be able to add you to the list. We require both iOS and Android apps available in the stores last I checked.


Thanks for the quick response. I am not a Twitter advertiser at this time.


Hi @andypiper,

Do you know if we can now use this functionality, to have an app link on our profile?
I have a personal account but I also managed the account of my mobile app and I’d like to have this kind of link on its profile. The app is not launched but it will be ready very soon.
Could you help me to know how to install this feature ? Is something necessary to code in the app or not?
Thanks you in advance.


As I mentioned above, this is a beta feature for partners and is not generally available. You’d need to have an existing app and an account manager to support you. You’ll need apps in both the iOS and Android stores. There’s no code required inside the app. Are you using Fabric and are you a Twitter Ads user?


Thanks for your quick answer! I’m not using Frabic right now and I’m not a Twitter Ads user yet, maybe later. I think this feature is not for us now as we only have a iOS version. But I really like it and hope I could test it when we will be ready later.


Hey @andypiper we’ve advertised only a select few times, and have both iOS and Android applications available in their respective stores. Is there anyone of determining if we qualify for this Beta? If not now, this is definitely something we’d love to get up on our profile page within the next few months if possible.



We’ll certainly announce if this feature becomes more generally available, but right now it is not an open program for the majority of apps.


Great thank you @andypiper


Id like to add APP card to my company Twitter profile…kindly advice me how to do that


Id like to add APP card to my company Twitter profile…kindly advice me how to do


As I have mentioned previously


Yes,j do have APP in both IOS and Android. And we have advertising active account


This feature is not currently generally available via the developer platform, feel free to contact your account manager or other Twitter representative. Thank you.