How to set web intents' "via" value?



When I tweet thru my application and then go click on that tweet on twitter, I see that this tweet has been submitted thru my application because it says “via ApplicationName”. But when I replay to a tweet or retweet using web intents on my application and click that tweet on twitter it says “via Tweet Button”. How can I achieve the same thing with web intents and makeit say “via ApplicationName” when intent used on my application?

I have gone thru dev pages and couldn’t see anything about it.



Since Web Intents relies on Twitter’s sessions to reduce the friction between an end-user goal’s and accomplishing it, there is no application context when using Web Intents or the Tweet/Follow Buttons – the application is Twitter itself. Adding a verifiable application context, as done in both @Anywhere and the Twitter REST API, increases complexity both from security and usability standpoints.


So there is no intent as to handle the “web intents” in the context of an application?


So I assume It is a no.


Sorry for the delay – correct, Web Intents are meant to be used in a context where “application identity” is not concern… it works fine for apps that are most concerned about lowering the friction their users have in tweeting from their app/site or following users associated with their app/site.


we were discussing another issue here:

have you had any chance to talk to the engineering department about the issue?