How to set up automatic retweet on V.1.1?


Hi. I am trying as a personal experiment to create an account that follows people tweeting a certain hashtag (#Lebanon). While abuse is certainly an issue, my concern right now is trying to set this up and make it functional and get more familiar with it.

Things were pretty simple back on V.1, but with things getting deprecated, I didn’t know how to proceed.

I have gathered bits of advice from here and there, and they are as follows:

I need OAuth request from a twitter account.

I need a web server to process the requests.

I need to use one of the following libraries: //I decided to go for either php or Java

Basically this is where I couldn’t dig anything else and couldn’t proceed further. It would be great if someone would point out what should be done and how because I lack much coding skills and this is essential for my business. It is also important to set limits for the output; the last thing we need is an account block :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!