How to set callback URL? The localhost didn't work


I download a php and java libraries.
And change the properties.
And change callback URL to http://localhost or, both didn’t work.
Who can tell me the reason?
Thank you!


[node:204] is a good read if you haven’t gone through it yet.

Make sure your application record here on has a URL in the callback field. It doesn’t need to be the URL you’ll use in your app itself, but it needs to be there. Try if you don’t know what else to put but you need something valid here in order to dynamically set a callback in the next step.

Then in your code, set the explicit oauth_callback that you’re wanting to use. It should work, provided your networking environment and all else is correct.


I want to do twitter streaming api and receive the tweets. I downloaded abraham-twitteroauth php library. But I don’t know how to use it. I’m a freshman in this field. Can I send e-mail to you to ask questions or MSN? Thank you very much!


I also fetch this problem but I don’t fine any solutions. do u got any solutions @Lena07983295


@episod - Why does the oath callback work on How is it routing to localhost?


Same question here: http://localhost:3000/auth/twitter/callback is refused!


Because is the IP address for localhost.