How to send tweet from my own website



For example; I have a website like and a twitter account like @zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I want my website admin panel to tweet my news submissions under my @zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz twitter account

For example, I login to my website admin panel and enter the submit news section, I entered a news entry like: “I win the elections” this news entry will shown on mainpage of my website under news section and also I want it to be tweeted @zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz account on twitter like a new tweet as: I win the elections

So I want to integrate a code/api/script to my website’s admin panel to tweet an entry under my account outside of twitter

Is this possible and is there any api for doing that ?

Thanks and best regards


can you please help ?, is it possible or not ?


Hello Emre,

Yes, the first step will be to create a Twitter application on with read/write access and obtain an access_token to connect to the Twitter API on behalf of your account. Afterwards, the API endpoint to post a Tweet from your website will be [node:9703].