How to search spam marked messages


Hello, I would like to search spam marked message in twitter. How can i do this with api.

Thanks !


There is no specific way to do this in the API.


Is there any way to get spam messages? This may be the messages from blocked spammer. I would like to create dataset with spam and non-spam messages(with user information) for construct spam filter(machine learning model)

Thank you!


Can i find people who marked as spammer for marking their message as supposed spam?


None of this is available in the API.


There are a few papers out there on twitter spam - since spam is short lived, your best bet is to follow the data collection process as described in one of the papers. You could listen to the sample stream, manually annotating anything that looks like spam to build up a dataset. Popular trending hashtags often have a few spammy accounts posting for attention.

A more questionable way is to find one of those scammy “followers for sale” type offers and buy some accounts to get a set of spammy users quickly (but this approach could go very wrong getting your account associated with spam, or just you getting ripped off - not to mention all the terms of use violations etc.)