How to return 100 tweets with their geo location?


I’m interested in creating a query that will return the tweets over the last 24 hours for a search term, together with their latitudes and longitudes.

Can someone help with this?


Using search API you can get a max of 1500 results, then your code has to filter past 24 hours as well as the tweets where geo tag has coordinates


It would be best to use the Streaming API for this, either just listening to the statuses/sample.json endpoint and discarding non-geo-tagged tweets for 24 hours, or building a few bounding boxes in locations you’re interested in and using statuses/filter.json – this way instead of going back in time and picking up the pieces of 24 hours in the past, you collect 24 hours as it happens.


I am using statuses/sample.json, but only very few people tag their locations on tweets :frowning:
Is it a general thing or a bug in my code?