How to retrieve tweets from a public profile/timeline like Google's Profile:


Hi all,
I’m totally new to Twitter and Twitter API, but I’ve some idea about tweets, timelines etc. Can somebody guide me how to retrieve tweets from a public profile? Let’s say, here is the link for Google’s twitter page: What are the ways to retrieve tweets by using REST API or is there a simple way to do the same? Does any authentication needed for doing the same? I’m extremely sorry if any words which I used here doesn’t make sense/not explaining you what I’m looking for, please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks in advance.


Hi there,

You’ll need to use this API method, the user timeline: [node:9537]

You’ll need to register an application on this site:

And you’ll need to use OAuth 1.0A authentication to request the timeline.


Thank you so much for your reply. After exploring through the API documentation, i got some knowledge now. Just wanted to know,

  1. are these tokens are enough to authenticate: Consumer key, Consumer secret, Access token and Access token secret?
  2. Can you please share the authentication header format for the same?
  3. Also Access token and Access secret are for my app which i’ve registered in will it expire after some time?
  4. Will “GET statuses/user_timeline” return the retweets of the target user/profile ?
  5. Seems in API 1.0, these public timelines are available without authentication, but not if use API 1.1. Am i right ?
  6. Is there any rate limit which i need to consider in this scenario ?
    Looking forward for your help. Thanks again.


Hi Prasad,

Did you manage to work this? If YES then could you provide the solutions for your posted questions.