How to retrieve Tweet by hashtag?


I see that api 1.0 are deprecated. Now, I need to retrieve all Tweet with a certain hashtag. I see many old library (such as Twitterizer for C#) it is not still available with the new version of the api.

So I think I need to do a homemade code.

For what I understand, I need first to autenticate my app to twitter, than doing the request.
I don’t find any document that explain to me how to do it.

What I’m looking for is:

1 - autenticate;
2 - retrieve (server side) rss/xml/source with the tweet I need for;

Can you help me? Starting point such as “how auth my app” would be nice.
I see I can create access-token directly on the page of my Application, but I haven’t understand if this is fixed ot will be changedduring the time…


Well, thanks to this resource

I got how to retrieve an access token. Now, how can I retrieve tweet by hashtag? I believe there is a link to call, passing which hashtag I need and the access token. How can I do it?


For example, using:

(with my real data) doesnt show any result :open_mouth: