How to retrieve custom conversion tracking tags using the API?


Hi all

For my application I need to retrieve the list of conversion tags that one campaign has.

The only way I found to retrieve the conversion tracking list is to parse the response of ‘/stats/accounts/:account_id/campaigns/’ with a regular expression (which is weird) like this:

for (var prop in {
    var obj =[prop];
    if ( {
        if (prop.match(/^conversion_/)) {

And this is what I get after parsing the response:

            "name": "sign ups",
            "original_name": "conversion_sign_ups"
            "name": "sale amount",
            "original_name": "conversion_sale_amount"
            "name": "order quantity",
            "original_name": "conversion_order_quantity"
            "name": "downloads",
            "original_name": "conversion_downloads"

I have a campaign with custom conversion tracking tags, so the question is, How do I retrieve the list of conversion tracking tags available for a particular campaign? Is there any endpoint for that?

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Hello? Is there anyone who can help me ? :smile:


We don’t currently support custom-defined conversion tags at all, so the conversion tags you pull for a given campaign will always be part of a predefined list (please see the metrics under the conversions category). There is a CUSTOM event tag type, and the corresponding metric for that is conversion_custom.

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