How to retrieve all the user’s friends that have authorized an app


I have a small problem with my app that I need to show the ‘friends’ of the user who has logged in with twitter. The problem comes that at the moment that I think I only have 2 options:

  1. Show all ‘friends’ which will include those who arent using the app and could take a very long time to display. Even pulling 200 at a time and ordering them seems quite clunky to a user.

  2. Retrieve the userid of all ‘friends’ at 5000 at a time (per this then look them up in my local db to see if there are matching ids, then requery twitter again to resolve it to a user name (per this i think

The problem with #2 of course is local IO & the number of api requests where a user has 1000’s of users.

Ive searched through this forum and found this from 2012 which is a flat out no you cant do that.

Question is, with the updates to the twitter for developers is there now a straightforward way to find users who have ‘authorised’ the same app & are also friends (being followed by) with a set userid?


This is a great question. There’s currently no way to do this within the API, I’m afraid. Definitely something worth thinking about as a feature, but it I cannot say anything about roadmaps here.


Damn, looks like #2 it is. Already tried #1 and from a user perspective it makes it quite difficult to find ‘their friend’ who is also using the app.

The #2 will work but Im going to have to install limits, like if the user has more than 50,000 friends im not going to be able to match up all of them due to the api limit (as this is within an app and you cant wait on one screen for 15 minutes).

QUESTION - If there are 2 apis and one is rate limited to 15 per 15 minute and another is 180 per 15 minute window… is the total number of api requests I can make 15 cumulatively or I can make 15 or one and 180 of the other in the 15 minutes? (I couldnt see anything about how they add up if more than one).

There was a #3 option which involved creating a local repository, but id rather not… lot of maintenance. Maybe I just risk it for my first version and hope Im popuplar enough to be able to develop another of my app (@nameyourstakes).

Thanks none the less, better response then the flat out no of the older post :wink: